Latest Releases

JH and the Heart Tones - Today
Nate Landers - Nowhere to Run
Lūkka - California, Baby!
Androgenius - Deviant Days
Reginald Wiseman, Sr. - Sweet Dream
Luke McMaster - My Life Is a Song (feat. Lamont Dozier)
Gyant - Benz
Benz Gyant 2019
Adrian Tristan - Motown Sound
Marra - My Valentine
Barbara Wonsley - We Want to Live
Kedric Mabon - River of Water (Psalm One)
Nate Landers - Just Can't Go
George St Kitts - I Want You Back
Personal Touch - Better with Time
Macfour - Me and You
Can We - Can We
Can We Can We 2019
Challenga - Strawberry Haze (feat. Billionaire B) (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Swayde Wilson - The Black Project "2930 Pingree Between Wildemere & Lawton" (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Jon Bare - Stand by Me (Live)
Megan Rochell - New Wave Music EP
Robert L Bradley & Matthew J Ruffino - My Old Lady Hangs Out at the Bar
Ali Woodson - Soul Interpretations
Luke McMaster - Icons of Soul, Vol. 1
Paris Pick - Feeling Love
Remoh Thompson - Hey Love
The Crossroads - Just Us Two
Lark - The Glow
The Glow Lark 2018