Latest Releases

Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra - Conjure the Paranormal
Spiritual Atheist - Afraid to Love
Spiritual Atheist - Afraid to Love
Aztec Death - Alternator
Perky Goth and the Spiders - Mystery at the Opera House
Ragnar Zolberg - Celestía
Two Witches - Deepland (feat. Vlad Janicek & Lisa Miles)
Kilgurl - Haunted
The Velveteers - Tale of the Bad Seed
Antipole - Syndrome (feat. Paris Alexander)
Andy Niedermeier - The Three Ravens
Black Velvet Butterfly - O.M.G (Oh My Goth)
Dancing Tongues - Shotgun
Reduction Plan - Deliver
Aztec Death - Consequence
Twisty Cats - I've Come to Hate You
The Sixth Chamber - Crippled Souls
Camlann - The Arrival
Warsaw - Magick
Magick Warsaw 2019
Newton James - '19
Ancient Light - The Panther
Vazum - Variant
Variant Vazum 2019
Gnostic Gorilla - Revolution (The Ghost Will Fade)
Alain Jamot - Resurrection (Remastered 2019)
  • 16-bit FLAC
Dark Entries - Creatures of the Night
The Universexplodes - War with Me