Latest Releases

BorealForest - Spirit
Miro Sassolini - Dedicata
Spiritual Atheist - Transcension
Ashes Fallen - Thy Will Be Done
Mark del Castillo - Stand by Me
Sanatorium Six - Semblance of Normalcy
Greynorth - Sin and Fiction
Various Artists - Blood & Dust: A Gothic Western
Blood & Dust: A Gothic Western Various Artists 2020
Karl Kave - We Are Sun
Paul Ramey - Shed My Skin
Batfarm - Lullaby
Vestments - IV
IV Vestments 2020
Lisa N - Grief
Grief Lisa N 2020
A Garden of Strange Flowers - The Dark Fairytale Begins
Raven Said - Beyond the Darkest Hour
Summer of Blood - A Forest
Fortune Kit - New Victims
Kreeps - Moon Stand Still Us Fools Prefer Darkness (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Tyburn Blossom - Prelude to Extinction
Bitter Flowers - I Don't Sleep
Jackson Fandango & Impulsive Lust - Gothic Reggae the Musical
Ren Flowers - Post-Tropics
Long Night - Tick Tock
Tyburn Blossom - Counterpoint
Ekko the Strange - Haunting Me